Karvin created cmgm.net in October 2014, when he was still chief editor of a Chinese news website on mobile games, one of the websites emerged as mobile games got extremely hot in China.

Karvin was then fed up with Chinese news and stories which usually promote boasts from Chinese game companies and contain meaningless comments from analysts. He was also troubled by plagiarisms among those news websites.

With proven experience in news media, translation and SEO, Karvin is now a freelancer who has served international brands like BBC Connect, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, Motorola, Millward Brown, GMI Lightspeed, GoPro, Harley Davidson and Hershey’s. He was also engaged in some game localization work, such as for NetEase’s Luan Dou Xi You (乱斗西游).

This website aims to reveal the real faces of Chinese mobile games market.

Contact: karvinsun#gmail.com (pls replace # with @)

Social Accounts:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chinamobigaming

WeChat Subscription: cmgmnet

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