5000 Chinese mobile games published in the 1st half, only 3% made profits

Stock Daily reported today that Deli, a glassware company, has decided to terminate acquisition of a mobile game company – Wushen Shiji, because of “big divergences” between the two sides.

The report also concluded from disclosed data that, among the approximate 5000 Chinese mobile games published in the first half of 2014, only about 3% made a profit, a figure similar to those of many other reports.
Besides, among the 17 acquisitions of 21 game companies confirmed till the mid of 2014, 15 game companies didn’t reach half of their promised achievements.
The once extremely hot concept of mobile games in China, which attracted a large sum of money last year, has been cooling down gradually in 2014.
Despite of the huge market of mobile games in China, which reached 6.98 billion yuan (about 1.14 billion USD) for Q3, most Chinese mobile game companies seem to be too impetuous to provide original and quality products, or shouldn’t have existed.
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