Chinese gov supports “nationalist online games”, list of 21 games unveiled

To cope with invasion of foreign cultures, Chinese government has always been supporting all forms of cultural products which embody national culture, including books, films and online games.

As a part of such endeavor, “Chinese Nationalist Online Games Publishing Plan” has been launched since 2004 by General Administration of Press and Publishing, a part of SARFT.

Games listed into the plan enjoy policy supports, but due to poor quality and lack of creation, just a majority of modern cultural products in China, these games are usually far from popular.

On the contrary, Hollywood cartoons like Mulan and Kung Fu Panda utilized Chinese features in a wonderful way, and Japanese are often more creative in making Chinese classics like Journey to the West into TV series.

Anyhow, the People’ s Daily site has just reported on Nov. 15th that the 9thbatch of “nationalist online games” has been announced, including 21 games. The top one is a game called “Yan’an Heroes”, Yan’an was the revolutionary base of the Communist Party.

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