Data report on 2014 Chinese mobile gaming market released

Several data agencies including CNG and Tencent Data Open Platform recently released an annual report on data of Chinese mobile gaming market. The following are some key points:

PC client games still dominate Chinese gaming market, accounting for 53% market share, mobile games have 33%. But there is a user contact ratio of 26.3% between PC client games and mobile games.

Till the mid of November, user population of mobile games in China has exceeded 500 million, which means nearly half of Chinese population play mobile games.

Casual games and social games are the most popular ones, 63% of Chinese mobile games in 2014 are casual games.

Sales revenue of mobile games in 2014 has been over RMB 20 billion yuan, more than twice that of last year, and will reach 35 billion yuan in 2015.

Action mobile games enjoy the highest retention – 42%, and chess and card games and tile-matching games follow by 38% and 35%.

In 2014, 77.4% mobile game players use Android system, 13.7% use iOS, but per capita spending of iOS users is more than three times that of Android users.

60% mobile game players live in third-tier cities.

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