Chinese gamers scared by big-size games? NO!

6 Tips to Succeed in Chinese Mobile Game Market was translated into Chinese and became popular among some Chinese media sites these two days.
These tips were basically true about one year ago, but not very exact at present. Just take Tip 1 for example.

In the past days, it was right to shrink the size of mobile games for Chinese market, but Chinese gamers hated large-size games for reasons.

First, expensive and slow data traffic makes it impossible for a gamer in China to download games without Wi-Fi, but now Wi-Fi is getting more and more widespread, and fees of 4G network are expected to be much cheaper in the future.
Second, large-size games used to cause slowing down of low-end mobile phones, but now domestic phone makers like Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei have all released low-price but high-performance smart phones, which sell very well. For example, Meizu’s MX3 with 2GB ram, 16GB rom, 5.1-inch screen and double quad-cores sells for only 1299 RMB (about 211 USD) and witnessed sizzling sales in the past one year,and its MX4 with better performance has also been launched in September, which sells for 1799 RMB and is another hot product. Therefore, large-size is no longer a problem for more and more ordinary people in China.

Finally, most Chinese mobile gamers have been educated for one or two years by countless mobile games, and their tastes are becoming higher than ever. Therefore, large-size games with better screens and more complicated gameplay are favored by many. For instance, Tencent has recently released on Wechat several games around 100M, of which the popularity was not affected by the big sizes, and bigger-sized games are expected.

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