Gamer data trend during upcoming Spring Festival and other holidays

Hu Jing, a marketing leader from Tongbu Games, shared recently some data of mobile gamers during festivals in China.

Daily revenue and DAU trend during Spring Festival

According to Hu, during the Double Eleven Shopping Day, although people are attracted to e-commerce websites, the payment on mobile games is huge, due to strong atmosphere of shopping created by the festival.

And during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, though there’s no holiday for Chinese people, the payment for mobile games increase significantly, indicating a certain amount of the gamers stay at home during the festival and are willing to pay for mobile games.

Besides, around Mid-Autumn Day, that’s Aug 15th of the lunar calendar, Chinese people have a three-day holiday, mobile gamers are very active during the holiday and payment on the 1stday of holiday is especially big, and then gamers become as inactive as each Monday upon the 1st day after the holiday. The 7-day National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7 sees the same phenomenon.

However, during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the data is different from other holidays. Gamers become inactive on the 1st holiday day – New Year’s Eve and keep inactive until Lunar Jan 5 and 6, when there will be a small rebound. Such data is reasonable as people go back to their hometown during Spring Festival and don’t have much time for mobile games. Yet the payment is still high on the first holiday day like other holidays.

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