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Tap Titans’ Chinese agent Jamo races with copycats intensely

As the Chinese agent of Tap Titans, Jamo Games is besieged on all sides. A dozen of Chinese copycats continue to turn up, and the “authorized edition” is under wide criticism.

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Baofeng Mojing VR: daily use time per user reaches 28min

Baofeng Mojing VR released “China VR Index Report in April 2015” yesterday, unveiling that daily use time per man has reached 28 minutes, one minute longer than March and closer to its suggested 30 minutes each use time.

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Tencent to invest $126m into Glu Mobile

Tencent plans to spend 126 million US dollars to buy 14.6% of Glu’s shares, according to Reuters. Tencent will pay $6 per share for its stake in Glu Mobile and buy the shares in two tranches: 12.5 million shares on Wednesday followed

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MIIT: to absorb private capital to lower network fees

After Premier Li complained about high fees for mobile network in China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)’s director of telecommunications Wen Ku said yesterday “private capital will be absorbed to telecommunication market”, to increase competitiveness and thus lower

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China Mobile bogged down in complaints against illegal charging of mobile games

“Secret charging” and “misguided payment” of mobile games adopting short message billing (SMS billing) of China Mobile (the largest carrier in China) have sparked so much outrage in China that this state-run company recently ordered hard index in terms of

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Monument Valley fails to be re-developed by iDreamSky

As the agent of Monument Valley in China, iDreamSky vowed to “re-develop” this game in February, to make it more “suitable for Chinese Android gamers”. However, judging from the current situation, the company seems to fail to make it.

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Premier Li urges carriers to lower mobile data price

At a conference on “economic situations” on April 14th, Premier Li surprisingly complained about high fees of mobile data traffic (70 RMB for 1G) in China.

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Gameloft closes its Shenzhen branch when staff go out for dinner

Gameloft’s recent actions in closing its Shenzhen branch were as absurd as a black comedy. According to multiple sources of information, Gameloft announced shutdown of its Shenzhen branch on March 25th, and before that day, Gameloft made the last series

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A female Chinese WOW player and her broken reality

When Hye (何永惠) narrated her experience of deserting her husband and son for playing World of Warcraft on Zhihu (Chinese Quora), she didn’t expect many people would write her to express worship. She said those mails are ridiculous, but has

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GMGC2015 just 10 days away

It’s only ten days before GMGC2015, and the agenda has been released, more than 15,000 guests from over 2000 enterprises from all over the world will attend the event, and experts of gene sequencing, nerve marketing, Waston super computer and

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