Baofeng Mojing VR: daily use time per user reaches 28min

Baofeng VR's new game "Kingdom of Bliss"

Baofeng VR’s new game “Kingdom of Bliss”

Baofeng Mojing VR released “China VR Index Report in April 2015” yesterday, unveiling that daily use time per man has reached 28 minutes, one minute longer than March and closer to its suggested 30 minutes each use time.

Furthermore, daily active users (DAU) of Baofeng VR increased to 17,000 in April from 14,300 in March, a growth rate of 18.6%; the maximum DAU rose to 23,100 from 19,500, increased 18.4%; and average daily new users grew to 4089, increased by 17.9%.

Till April 26th, 100,000 pieces of Baojing VR I and nearly 170,000 pieces of Baojing VR II had been sold. Among them, 30,000 pieces of Mojing II was sold in April.

As more than 70% users of Baojing VR are male, Baofeng has released some attractive videos and games, including popular video “Charming Lingerie Show” and social game “Kingdom of Bliss” (极乐王国). The latter was just released on April 24th, and is called as “the first virtual social game platform in the world”, which features “dressing up for maids” and “enjoying intimate services from goddesses”.

Baofeng is shooting more videos and films and is also recruiting partners for games, videos and peripheral equipment.

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