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UC lowers revenue shares for developers

UC, one of the most popular mobile game publishing channels in China, quietly modified its revenue-sharing regulations in respect of “recharge and rebate” recently, causing a lot of complaints among game companies.

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Tencent to terminate operation of “Tower of Saviors” and “Monster Strike”

Tencent announced recently that it plans to terminate operation of “Tower of Saviors” in October. This is another tragedy caused by improper modification of original games and conflict between original version and revised version of games, which are usually seen in Chinese

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iDreamSky adjusts itself to escape from the shadow of failure

As a famous publisher of mobile games in China, iDreamSky is now following Tencent’s steps of investing in overseas developers. iDreamSky today announced that it has invested USD 10 million into American developer Rumbie, and thus get KingsRoad’s right of publishing in

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$150 million to get Chinese teenager audiences

Chinese cartoon companies and game companies are attaching more and more importance to the “post-90s” and “post-00s”. “We are specially studying preferences of the post-90s and post-00s,” said NetEase’s CEO Ding Lei on its earnings call today.

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Kabam to release a custom-made Marvel game for China

In an interview during ChinaJoy, Kabam’s CEO Kevin Chou said Chinese gamers are more acceptive of VIP system compared to western players, but since the company established its Beijing office in 2010, it hasn’t seen any notable success in China.

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Monkey King’s important inspirations for overseas game companies aiming at China

It’s hard to explain why, but when I went out from the cinema of “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” (“Monkey King” for short), I was humming the theme music of “Spirited Away”.

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Chinese company buys KOF’s Japanese owner

Since last year, which is called “IP era” by some Chinese media websites, there have been successive rumors and news about Chinese game companies buying Japanese IPs (intellectual property).

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Chinese game company closed after it books the best stand of ChinaJoy

It is known that mobile game developers in China are collapsing at a speed faster than insiders expected this year, and a recent incident is a dramatic example of this phenomenon.

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Ming Zongfeng: a professor condemning online games and developing “green games”

Ming Zongfeng (明宗峰) is a news media associate professor of South China University of Technology. When he saw by himself that his students were deeply addicted to online games ten years ago, he decided to experience such games by himself.

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Carp: abandon Chinese style for international market

The “indie game” “Carp” (鲤) is surely a big winner of the first Indie Play Carnival, an awarding event for indie games held in Shanghai on July 28th, just before ChinaJoy, as it got the first prize.

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