South Korean Neople’s audit report: Tencent to renew DNF Chinese server for 10 years

Recently, Neople, a South Korean company, publicized its audit report, which showed that Tencent will renew the agency contract of DNF Chinese server for another 10 years.

It was reported that Neople made a revenue of 677.3 billion won (USD609.57 million) in 2015, 596.9 billion won of which were from Chinese market and 593.5 billion won (USD534.15million) from DNF, accounting for 87.6% of the total revenue. Besides, Neople, located in Jeju Island, contributed more than 40% of its export value, meaning that DNF players using Chinese server basically feeded half Jeju Island.

Tencent’s dominance in the field of fighting game will keep consolidated for a long time through extending the DNF contract on the 11th anniversary of DNF going online. Players of Chinese server could, of course, continue their adventures in DNF.

Translating: Liu Jingjing

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