How Chinese gamers and analysts see possible acquisition of Supercell by Tencent


It was reported by Wall Street Journal yesterday that according to an informed source, Tencent Holdings (Tencent Holdings Ltd. ,0700.HK) is about to conclude the transaction with Supercell Oy – developer of popular Finnish mobile game Clash of Clans, which is valuated over 9 billion dollars.

About one month ago, related rumors triggered heated discussion among game players. A widespread article predicted what would happen after Tencent acquires Supercell, including the prediction towards the game Clash Royale:

First of all, the name Clash Royale must be changed, and it might be Clash of Legends (borrowed from another game operated by Tencent League of Legends).

It’s not so easy to play the game. You need to try your best to get the activation code, if you can’t get one, then buy one!

After dreadful effort you acquire an activation code, and then enter the game. But you find the logo of Supercell is replaced by the grand logo of Tencent.

After entering the game, you find that Daddy Tencent has set the default page as a shop page, which is convenient for you to buy all the items.

The first charge is essential. A purple card would be given to you free of charge once you finish the first charge, which only cost you 10 yuan.

Then comes the membership system. The membership of Clash Royale would cost ¥20 a month and ¥200 a year. If a member logs in the game everyday, he would get credit bonus, and the more the bonus, the higher the membership level (VIP1-VIP10), and the more the privileges you get.

As for the battle system, to avoid the possibility that the riches pay the money while still get defeated, ordinary players can only fight for 10 times in one time. After 10 times, players can buy the fight times with diamonds, and the higher the VIP level, the more the fight times. It’s impossible for those who do not want to pay on this game to get high level.

What if those who pay on this game get defeated despite so many changes?

It doesn’t matter, if you pay for the VIP10 membership, the operators would find you the weak players to fight against, and it’s hard for you not to win in these games.


Anyhow, by the end of May, an informed source claims on famous question-and-answer website in China – Zhihu that the managing staff in Supercell made it clear that they did not want to be bought by Tencent, but if the acquisition were completed, it is a very important step in Tencent’s goal to rearrange global game framework.

It is also said that the reason why Supercell do not want to be bought is that it requires independent operation of games. But if this is really the case, since that Tencent did not intervene so much in the game companies it has bought, this obstacle should be eliminated, and it is pretty sure that the acquisition would be reached.

Translating: Fang Xiaozhou

Editing: Karvin

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