List of Chinese Sites/Columns on China Mobile Game Industry

It has been over two years this site hasn’t been updated, and I mentioned the reason before – there is almost nothing new in China’s mobile game industry, people were just talking about the same things day after day. But since several years have passed, there should be something new worth reading now, and since machine translation is so advanced today, why not provide a list of Chinese sites and columes on game industry for overseas game companies to check for yourselves? So there is a list of those sites we usually reference for translating/editing game news and reviews, and we would update this list if needed:

Chule is both a B2B and B2C gaming website, it’s dedicated to providing original content to both mobile game developers and gamers, and it puts a lot of focus on overseas game companies apart from Chinese market;

Huxiu Game Tag

Huxiu is a famous review site on the Internet industry of China, and it also welcomes posts from same game sites in China, the above URL is its game tag address, which lists articles from some other gaming sites, including Youxiputao and Youxichaguan as follows;


Founded in 2013, Youxiputao is a fast-developing websites on mobile game industry in China. Its articles may not be as interesting as some of Chule’s, but it often offers inside stories including important data;


Based in Chengdu of Sichuan province, Youxichaguan once focuses on local mobile game market of Southwest China, but now it seems to be report a lot of news similar to other websites on mobile games.


I know a lot of other Chinese sites on game industry, but most of them are just copying content from other sites, or are just writing stupid articles to make up the number, so I’m not recommending any of them to you. But if I recall or find any other good sites in future, I will update this list in the first time.




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