China’s sporting goods manufacturing industry to further expand foreign markets, especially ASEAN market

The reporter recently learned in an interview with practitioners related to the sporting goods manufacturing industry, China’s sporting goods manufacturing industry is actively exploring a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the mainstay and the domestic and international double-cycle promoting each other.

Make up for offline through online

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the way people work out, home fitness has become popular, in the major sales charts home fitness equipment is a blowout growth.

“To firmly occupy this market, China’s domestic enterprises should also rely on ‘Internet + big data’ technology to make home fitness equipment become a game and social product in multiple scenarios to meet the new demand for home fitness after the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.” In the view of Feng Zongqian, director of the marketing management center of Qingdao Impulse Health Technology Co., Ltd, people in the industry should grasp the new trend of consumer changes, in the supply of home fitness equipment, in addition to the installation, can be folded, occupy a small area, easy to operate and other characteristics, but also in the construction of home fitness scene, so that the product is more home, network, digital, intelligent.

Feng Zongqian believes that China’s domestic enterprises should promptly change their marketing strategies, comprehensively improve their online marketing capabilities, and make use of diversified Internet platforms through multimedia forms to let overseas customers understand Chinese enterprises’ products more comprehensively and intuitively, and gain customers through online marketing to boost offline transactions.

Use the arena to drive the market

Sports flooring materials to create the market is ushering in a full recovery, but also in the direction of more environmentally friendly, safer, more beautiful, more comfortable efforts in the development of new materials to continue to find new breakthrough points.

Li Xiaodong, head of brand promotion of Shijiazhuang Yingli Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. believes that, for the pain points of sports flooring products, enterprises should not only continue to independently develop new materials and production processes to enhance the product’s sports experience but also a series of pre-sales, sales, after-sales links to achieve excellence, so that customers can really realize a key order, the whole worry-free. “Sports flooring materials to create has always been ‘three points of quality, seven points of construction’, domestic enterprises should establish more construction sites around the country, zero distance communication with customers, to achieve scientific scheduling, timely dispatch of workers, to better play the advantages of local enterprises.” Li Xiaodong said.

Li Xiaodong said, now more and more domestic enterprises in China have become the venue construction suppliers for major international events such as the Olympic Games and World Cup, Chinese companies should better use the advantages of sponsoring internationally renowned events brand communication, expand the visibility and reputation in foreign events, foreign sports associations, so as to drive the international market sales.

Key components research and development ushered in new opportunities

“With the domestic cycle as the main body, the domestic and international double cycle to promote each other is a long-term strategy, this strategy has two very important pivot points, the first is to form a new consumption system to further expand domestic demand; the second is to form a more stable supply chain and industrial chain.” Wang Yuxiong, director of the Sports Economics Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics, said that for China’s sporting goods manufacturing industry, considering the high share of exports in the whole industry, even if the domestic market expands, it is impossible to replace the overseas market in the short term, and the competitive pressure faced in the domestic market will increase in the future, so the greater significance is the second aspect, that is, the use of stable supply chains and industrial chains opportunities to enhance core competitiveness.

“At present, China’s sporting goods manufacturing industry is large but not strong, the added value is not high, many key components, raw materials from imports, in the double-cycle pattern, the research, and development of these key components manufacturing will receive more support, so for Chinese enterprises, the key is to use this strategic adjustment opportunity period to enhance the industry’s core competitiveness and added value. ”

Wang Yu Xiong believes that, on the one hand, the sporting goods manufacturing industry to obtain a greater market share in the continued expansion of the domestic market, on the other hand, should also pay great attention to the international market, to further develop foreign markets, through the diversification of export destinations to reduce risk, especially to pay attention to the development of the ASEAN market.

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