China’s first rare earth nano thermal insulation material production line to be built

According to the CCTV network of China, the reporter learned from Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone on January 10 that Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute has reached a technology transfer agreement with a technology company in Chengdu to prepare for the establishment of China’s first domestic pilot test of 800 kg rare earth nano thermal insulation slurry per month. The production demonstration line is expected to have 20 million yuan invested for the first phase.

“Rare earth nano thermal insulation materials are the most dazzling bright spot in the industry in the next few years after insulating glass and Low-E glass represented by energy-saving glass. It has extremely broad market prospects and development space, and will bring huge economic and social benefits.” said Yang Jue, general manager of the company.

For a long time, the core technology and intellectual property rights of thermal insulation glass coating materials have been controlled by developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and Europe. China is still in a blank in the field of thermal insulation glass coating materials. According to Dr. Yin Jian of the Rare Earth Research Institute, the research team has successfully developed a kilogram-scale preparation technology of rare earth heat-insulating agents below 100 nanometers by using the unique electronic structure and physical and chemical properties of rare earths, and prepared a variety of rare earth nano-heat-insulating agents with different media.

Lu Fei, a senior engineer at the Rare Earth Research Institute, said: “The principle of rare earth nanomaterials is that the rare earth nanoparticles in the rare earth nano heat-insulating agent have the local surface plasmon resonance effect (LSPR effect), and then through scientific and technological means, the rare earth nano powder disperse uniformly into each system to form a long-lasting and stable rare-earth nano heat-insulating agent.”

With the application of rare earth nano heat-insulating agents on glass coatings, the product performance indicators are equivalent to or even better than those of foreign products. At the technical level, “curve overtaking” has been realized, which fills the gap of domestic heat-insulating glass coating materials, and it can completely replace imported products.

It is understood that rare earth nano thermal insulation materials can also be widely used in EVA, PVB, TPU and other interlayer films for laminated glass, coatings, plastics, films, displays, energy-saving windows for construction, automobile windshields, etc., which can effectively shield ultraviolet and infrared. It has many advantages such as good heat insulation, transparency and weather resistance.

“The rare earth nano thermal insulation material is uniformly dispersed in the EVA film to prepare a rare earth nano transparent thermal insulation film. When the visible light transmittance is 60%-80%, the infrared blocking rate can reach 80%-90%. The UV blocking rate is over 99%, and the thermal insulation temperature difference is nearly 8℃.” Yin Jian said.

At present, for this new material, three product trademarks have been registered and authorized, and agency agreements have been signed with nearly one hundred distributors in more than 10 provinces across the country.


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