Canada’s Go! cat food collectively complained in China, regulator steps in to investigate

As of 19:00 on January 31st, the number of collective complaints about “Go! cat food” on the Black Cat Complaint Platform of China reached 1,444, and the netizen who initiated the complaint was called ” Eti on Earth”.

“Eti on Earth” said that after having the Go! cat food bought at Tmall International Supermarket on Double Eleventh shopping festival, her cat was sent to the emergency room due to vomiting after eating. The blood test index for enteritis was found to be abnormal, and the doctor suspected food poisoning. At that time, she never thought that there was a problem with the cat food. After reading the news, she realized that the cats of so many buyers have the same situation as their own. When the complaint was filed, “Eti on Earth” stated that her cat was still hospitalized for vomiting and blood in the stool.

On January 22, there were rumors on the Chinese Internet about the batch quality of “Go! Nine Kinds of Meat Cat Food”. In the following days, hundreds of users reported that their cats had vomiting and bloody stools after eating “Go! cat food”, suspected of being poisoned. At present, the topic of “Go! cat food backpack cat poisoned or even died after eating” on Weibo has reached 420 million views.

It is understood that Go! cat food is directly purchased from the original Canadian factory, and the domestic general agent of China is Ningbo Petjust Pet Food Co., Ltd. And “9 kinds of meat cat food” is a popular product under “Go! cat food”.

Then there was news on January 27 that the market supervision department of China had been involved in the investigation. In response, Petjust responded to GPLP Rhino Finance: At present, at least two relevant regulatory agencies have collected samples for inspection, and the test items have not yet been announced.

At the same time, Petjust said that it will send a total of 12 samples covering 8 batches to a third-party authoritative testing agency for food safety-related indicators testing on January 25. The 12 test results that have been returned so far have all shown qualified.

On January 29, Petjust’s official Weibo account issued a statement again, stating that it would continue to follow up on the matter, and some tests are still in progress and no results have been released yet. However, Chinese netizens did not buy it, and some even left a message in the comment area “Get out of the Chinese market.”

At present, the official flagship stores of Tmall and have removed “9 kinds of meat cat food” under “Go! cat food”, but it’s still on sale in its WeChat mall.

In response to this, Petjust replied to GPLP Rhino Finance that at the beginning of the incident, the adverse reaction feedback received was mainly concentrated on Tmall International. While Petjust collected samples for inspection, it communicated with the platform in order to dispel user concerns, it has taken the initiative to remove “Go! cat food” products from the Tmall International flagship store immediately.

Source: GPLP (Original link not found)

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