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China’s one-child policy boosts internet and game industry?

“550 million post-80s people are promoting development of IT enterprises in China,” said Liu Weiquan, a Chinese expert of IT services and content industry, according to yesterday’s report from South Korean newspaper the Chosun Ilbo.

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Rumor: Alibaba invests $10m in Ouya

  A headline in China these two days is that Alibaba has invested about 400 million yuan (64m USDs) to Stephen Chow’s next film – “Journey to the West Conquering the Demon 2”. Almost the same time, rumors said that Alibaba

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Alibaba: mobile games business transferred, not abandoned

Alibaba has just made a statement against Tencent Tech’s report about its terminating mobile games business.

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Rumor: Alibaba terminates mobile games business

In a report to former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said, “We sincerely believe games cannot change China…..We won’t invest a cent into games……This is our principle.” Jack Ma broke his promise later, but now, he seems

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