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Rumor: Google Play to enter Chinese market in February

According to Reuters’ recent report, Google is to launch its Google Play in China next February, around the Spring Festival. The report says this version of store will be customized for China, and not connected to overseas versions of Google

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Questionable report on China’s mobile games market released by Applift and Newzoo

Applift and Newzoo recently released a report on “the Big 3” mobile gaming markets in Asia – China, Japan and South Korea.   The report uncovers some status quo in China, such as serious fragmentation of app stores as always, fast

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Chinese Android App Stores Emerge Trickily, but Some Said Reshuffle Will Come

The number of Android app stores in China is the largest in the world, even after shutting down of a lot of stores in the past two years, still more than 100 stores appeared at a recent conference on mobile

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