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App Store fights “list brushing” again and offers new discounts

Apple has just launched again a new round of action against “list brushing” (a method commonly used in China to cheat App Store for high rankings); as a result, a lot of high-ranking Chinese paid games disappeared from the lists, including

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App Store launches 8-yuan promotion, Infinity Blade III included

App Store has just launched a 8-yuan promotion about 20 hours ago for Chinese market, games including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Infinity Blade III, Terraria and Valiant Hearts: The Great Warare all among the cut-price apps, and are now seeing

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App Store purges cheating Chinese games again

Apple begins a new round of purging cheating mobile games recently, some Chinese mobile games thus plunged in lists of App Store, including “Wukong and Diaochan” falling from 78th in Grossing list to 100th, and some are even expelled from

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App Store launches 1-yuan promotion in China

Yesterday morning, many Chinese users found a lot of apps in App Store sold at 1 yuan, much lower than the original prices. At first, people thought it was a bug of App Store, but it has lasted till now, and

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