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China Mobile: converged billing of three carriers formally launched

  China Mobile’s subsidiary Migu Games announced today that converged billing which integrates networks of the three carriers has been formally launched, after nearly half a year’s debugging and closed beta test.

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Tap Titans’ Chinese agent Jamo races with copycats intensely

As the Chinese agent of Tap Titans, Jamo Games is besieged on all sides. A dozen of Chinese copycats continue to turn up, and the “authorized edition” is under wide criticism.

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China Mobile bogged down in complaints against illegal charging of mobile games

“Secret charging” and “misguided payment” of mobile games adopting short message billing (SMS billing) of China Mobile (the largest carrier in China) have sparked so much outrage in China that this state-run company recently ordered hard index in terms of

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China Mobile founds a new company to promote mobile game business

  China Mobile, the largest carrier and one of the largest state-owned enterprises in China, announced on Jan 23rd that its affiliated company – Migu LTD had went into operation in Nanjing. Migu is to cover entertainment businesses of China

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