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$150 million to get Chinese teenager audiences

Chinese cartoon companies and game companies are attaching more and more importance to the “post-90s” and “post-00s”. “We are specially studying preferences of the post-90s and post-00s,” said NetEase’s CEO Ding Lei on its earnings call today.

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Monkey King’s important inspirations for overseas game companies aiming at China

It’s hard to explain why, but when I went out from the cinema of “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” (“Monkey King” for short), I was humming the theme music of “Spirited Away”.

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A female Chinese WOW player and her broken reality

When Hye (何永惠) narrated her experience of deserting her husband and son for playing World of Warcraft on Zhihu (Chinese Quora), she didn’t expect many people would write her to express worship. She said those mails are ridiculous, but has

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The most famous nobody in Chinese mobile game industry: Raven

It’s hard to think of any guy like Raven, but he does look familiar to me, maybe because he is just the same as many of us, except for being more crude, unblushing and frank, or maybe he represents Chinese

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China’s one-child policy boosts internet and game industry?

“550 million post-80s people are promoting development of IT enterprises in China,” said Liu Weiquan, a Chinese expert of IT services and content industry, according to yesterday’s report from South Korean newspaper the Chosun Ilbo.

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The largest Apple Store in Asia uses Chinese calligraphy for decoration

  Apple’s largest physical store in Asia is to be opened on Jan 24th. Located in Hangzhou, this Apple Store adopts great writer Su Tungpo‘s poet on this city’s West Lake for decoration of a curtain wall, attracting a lot of

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Chinese mobile games lag far behind in cultural industry

Wang Chaoge Wang Chaoge, a famous female director of stage plays, said in a recent interview that she was such a perfectionist that she often feels depressed at midnights for being incapable of making her arts better, and she never

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Disney and SMG to make cartoons based on Chinese culture

Walt Disney (Shanghai) Limited and Shanghai Media Group announced they have agreed to expand strategic cooperation on November 21st, which will cover television creative development, film co-production, content publishing and marketing.

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Chinese gov supports “nationalist online games”, list of 21 games unveiled

To cope with invasion of foreign cultures, Chinese government has always been supporting all forms of cultural products which embody national culture, including books, films and online games.

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