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Monkey King’s important inspirations for overseas game companies aiming at China

It’s hard to explain why, but when I went out from the cinema of “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” (“Monkey King” for short), I was humming the theme music of “Spirited Away”.

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Tencent goes crazy with “pan-entertainment” strategy

With billions RMB of game revenues in pockets and hundreds of millions gamers in hands, Tencent is now doing something bigger. On its “UP 2015” product launch on March 30th, Tencent announced it had invited two famous writers to help

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Linekong and other game companies invest into film industry

The recent funny phenomenon is that some Chinese mobile game companies are putting money into film industry.

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Some amazing numbers on current Chinese mobile games market

Xing Shanhu Many insiders in China believe that the market of mobile games here is facing a severe-cold winter, but what exact the market is like? See the numbers below:

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Chinese mobile games and their IPs: One Step Away or Far Away?

Big Chinese director Jiang Wen’s new film 一步之遥 (which means “One Step Away” while the official translation is “Gone with the Bullets”) is still on, and as we reported before, a mobile game sharing the same name (made by 4399)

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Rare: mobile game based on a yet-to-screen film announced

A still of Gone With The Bullets Movie Gone With The Bullets recently had its press conference held in Beijing, and a mobile game sharing the same name was announced at the same time. Jiang Wen, a famous Chinese director,

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Prismata: maybe an inspiring light for Chinese card game developers

Design draft of Prismata   A Chinese media site reported yesterday a new-type card mobile game – Prismata developed by MIT students, and remarked that the creative thinking of this game should be inspiring for domestic card game developers. Card games went

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