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Chinese company buys KOF’s Japanese owner

Since last year, which is called “IP era” by some Chinese media websites, there have been successive rumors and news about Chinese game companies buying Japanese IPs (intellectual property).

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Linekong: we use game IP in an “ecological” way

Linekong’s new cartoon-based mobile game “One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes” (十万个冷笑话, released in March) is widely criticized for being a clone (“skin-changing”) of its another game – “Sword of God” (神之刃), but when Linekong said: “Our attitude towards IP (intellectual

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Kalends to develop games of “Angry Birds”

Chinese game company Kalends announced on Feb 6th that it had reached an agreement with Rovio on authorization of developing mobile games based on intellectual property (IP) of “Angry Birds”.

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Chinese mobile games and their IPs: One Step Away or Far Away?

Big Chinese director Jiang Wen’s new film 一步之遥 (which means “One Step Away” while the official translation is “Gone with the Bullets”) is still on, and as we reported before, a mobile game sharing the same name (made by 4399)

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Baidu’s new game Slam Dunk: all is about IP

  Since tens of millions RMB was invested into IPs during Chinajoy (Jul.31-Aug.3), IP has been replacing money as the hottest topic in Chinese mobile gaming cycle. The recent success of “IP games” like Tian Long Ba Bu 3D (based

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Game company to make famous work of Liu Cixin into film

  The science fiction The Three-Body Problem (三体)has been popular in China for years, especially in IT cycle, English version just published on 21st.   Just one day before, China Film Co., Ltd. announced that it will adapt three of Liu Cixin’s

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Netease and Blizzard win lawsuit, what about other game plagiarism cases in China?

Hearthstone Shanghai Court decided that Netease and Blizzard win the lawsuit against Youyi Company’s copying “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” on Nov. 6th, and Youyi is ordered to pay 10 million yuan in compensation. However, another typical case involving plagiarism of

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Snda sues App Store and Android stores for 50 mil yuan

According to news from QQTech today, Snda has recently sent about 200 official letters to protect its intellectual property of The Legend of Mir (“The Legend” for short), claiming 50 million yuan and 20 companies are involved, including Apple, Baidu,

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Snda: come and get IPs for free

Snda Literature, a branch of one of the biggest game companies in China – Snda, announced on Sep. 25th that its IPs will be granted to game developers for free. Snda Literature controls a majority of popular net literature sites in

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