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Boom Beach just updated in China, one change sucks

As the agent of Supercell in China, Kunlun (“昆仑游戏”,formerly named Kalends) proudly highlighted “Boom Beach” during ChinaJoy 2015, and it also proudly announced last month that “Clash of Clans” had also become its apple in the hand, but except for

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Linekong and other game companies invest into film industry

The recent funny phenomenon is that some Chinese mobile game companies are putting money into film industry.

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App Store fights “list brushing” again and offers new discounts

Apple has just launched again a new round of action against “list brushing” (a method commonly used in China to cheat App Store for high rankings); as a result, a lot of high-ranking Chinese paid games disappeared from the lists, including

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Kalends to develop games of “Angry Birds”

Chinese game company Kalends announced on Feb 6th that it had reached an agreement with Rovio on authorization of developing mobile games based on intellectual property (IP) of “Angry Birds”.

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Chinese gamers eager to pay for this game, but it earns 0 from Android players here

  When some people in Chinese gaming industry say cultural difference is a great obstacle for foreign games to enter local market, Clash of Clans can always act as a good negative example.

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