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Dot Arena eliminated by App Store

Chinese mobile game developer Lilith’s hot work “Dot Arena” was eliminated by App Store on October 7th. Lilith soon stated that “Dot Arena cannot be found in App Store for unknown reason, and game accounts cannot be recharged for now.”

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Blizzard sues Lilith (Dot Arena) for plagiarism

Blizzard today finally files a lawsuit against “Dot Arena” in Taipei Local Court, claiming that the game plagiarizes important roles and classical scenes from Warcraft and World of Warcraft. Just several days ago, Dot Arena’s developer Lilith sued Heroes Charge’s

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Clone of Chinese mobile game wins overseas success

Since last August, there have been reports about Chinese mobile game Dot Arena’s (刀塔传奇) English clone “Heroes Charge” wining success in North America, and a latest report says this clone is achieving more than RMB 30 million monthly income from

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