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Linekong: we use game IP in an “ecological” way

Linekong’s new cartoon-based mobile game “One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes” (十万个冷笑话, released in March) is widely criticized for being a clone (“skin-changing”) of its another game – “Sword of God” (神之刃), but when Linekong said: “Our attitude towards IP (intellectual

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Linekong losses $8.97m in Q1

Linekong today released its first quarterly earnings since going public in last December, which reveals that the company’s revenues decreased by 33.1% year-on-year, reaching RMB 113 million, compared to 170m in the same period of last year.

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Linekong and other game companies invest into film industry

The recent funny phenomenon is that some Chinese mobile game companies are putting money into film industry.

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China’s one-child policy boosts internet and game industry?

“550 million post-80s people are promoting development of IT enterprises in China,” said Liu Weiquan, a Chinese expert of IT services and content industry, according to yesterday’s report from South Korean newspaper the Chosun Ilbo.

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Weak share prices faced by Hong Kong listed Chinese mobile game companies

Linekong CEO Wang Feng and his colleagues In the past two years, one after another mobile game companies from mainland China chose to go public in Hong Kong, but due to lack of sustained success of mobile games, they are

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Chinese mobile game company Linekong goes public

Chinese famous mobile game developer and publisher Linekong went public in Hong Kong on Dec 30th, and is to raise over 720 million HKDs (about 93 million USDs). Once a PC game company founded in 2007, Linekong turned totally to mobile games

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Linekong’s CEO: losers and post-95s are both important for mobile games

Linekong’s CEO Wang Feng has a famous saying about Chinese mobile games market: “You win the world when you win hearts of losers.” Here the “losers” mainly refer to the so-called “three lows” groups: people with low age, low degree

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