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Tencent sues KongZhong for plagiarizing League of Legends, claiming compensation of RMB 3 million

Recently, Tencent tried to take game operator “KongZhong” and developer Shanghai Dacheng Network Technology Co., LTD to the court for unfair competition, accusing KongZhong’s SuperTeam of plagiarizing League of Legends. Tencent appealed for a sentence that two defendants shall stop the infringing

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Clone of Chinese mobile game wins overseas success

Since last August, there have been reports about Chinese mobile game Dot Arena’s (刀塔传奇) English clone “Heroes Charge” wining success in North America, and a latest report says this clone is achieving more than RMB 30 million monthly income from

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King sues Korean developer Avocado Entertainment for plagiarism recently sued Korean developer Avocado Entertainment for copying its mobile game Farm Heroes Saga in the Seoul Central District Court.

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Why some Chinese developers escape from mobile games to console games

Since China’s mobile games market boomed about two years ago, there have been skepticism and denunciations from people with better expectations for the mobile gaming industry. Let’s call them idealists. Such idealists include core users and game developers ashamed of

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Netease and Blizzard win lawsuit, what about other game plagiarism cases in China?

Hearthstone Shanghai Court decided that Netease and Blizzard win the lawsuit against Youyi Company’s copying “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” on Nov. 6th, and Youyi is ordered to pay 10 million yuan in compensation. However, another typical case involving plagiarism of

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