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Game console ban further lifted in China

  State Council of China released a notice on the afternoon of Jan 29th – “State Council’s Notice on Spreading DuplicableExperiences of Pilot Reform in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone”, which says “domestic and foreign-invested enterprises are allowed to

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Rumor: Tencent and Hisense become partners on TV games

  Tencent Games and Hisense have reached cooperation to operate game center of Hisense’s smart television together, according to a rumor yesterday, and this piece of news is to be formally announced in near future.

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Rumor: Alibaba terminates mobile games business

In a report to former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said, “We sincerely believe games cannot change China…..We won’t invest a cent into games……This is our principle.” Jack Ma broke his promise later, but now, he seems

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Why some Chinese developers escape from mobile games to console games

Since China’s mobile games market boomed about two years ago, there have been skepticism and denunciations from people with better expectations for the mobile gaming industry. Let’s call them idealists. Such idealists include core users and game developers ashamed of

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Xiaomi to invest 1 billion USD into content-making, but see what netizens say

Xiaomi has just poached Chen Tong, news chief of Sina, and announced to invest 1 billion USD to make content for its TV box.

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