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Chinese mobile game company Linekong goes public

Chinese famous mobile game developer and publisher Linekong went public in Hong Kong on Dec 30th, and is to raise over 720 million HKDs (about 93 million USDs). Once a PC game company founded in 2007, Linekong turned totally to mobile games

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App Store launches 8-yuan promotion, Infinity Blade III included

App Store has just launched a 8-yuan promotion about 20 hours ago for Chinese market, games including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Infinity Blade III, Terraria and Valiant Hearts: The Great Warare all among the cut-price apps, and are now seeing

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Acquired Chinese mobile game companies probably to face broken dreams

A list of purchased Chinese mobile game companies was released by GPC today, along with their purchasers, purchase prices (left) and promised revenues (right) in 2015 and 2016.

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Chinese mobile games and their IPs: One Step Away or Far Away?

Big Chinese director Jiang Wen’s new film 一步之遥 (which means “One Step Away” while the official translation is “Gone with the Bullets”) is still on, and as we reported before, a mobile game sharing the same name (made by 4399)

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App Store purges cheating Chinese games again

Apple begins a new round of purging cheating mobile games recently, some Chinese mobile games thus plunged in lists of App Store, including “Wukong and Diaochan” falling from 78th in Grossing list to 100th, and some are even expelled from

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Report: Chinese mobile games revenue reaches 4.42 billion USD in 2014

GPC (China Game Publications Working Committee) released “Report on China’s Game Industry in 2014” recently, which shows that Chinese mobile gamers totals 358 million in 2014, up 15.1% over last year, and mobile game revenues reaches 27.49 billion RMB (4.42

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Tencent turning more attention to overseas mobile game developers

According to’s report on Dec. 16th, Tencent, venture firm Greycroft Partners and others are investing $10 million into the New York-based game studio Playdots Inc. “Every time we produce a game we will give them the option to publish. China

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2nd-generation Baofeng VR released, focusing on videos and games

Feng Xin and Baofeng VR Baofeng released its 2ndgeneration of Oculus-like VR product “Magic Mirror” today, only three months after its first version of VR product. The new product made some upgrades and still sells for 99 RMB. A special version

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Chinese mobile internet startups keen on telling stories

Last weekend, a startup story was suddenly hot in Moments of WeChat and the related app rose to the top of the “Free” ranking in App Store. The story, written and drawn by a female cartoonist called Annie, is about

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Xiaomi celebrates its first mobile game

Xiaomi released its first mobile game yesterday, as a part of its ambitious content strategy. To show the “powerful publishing capacity of MIUI store” and popularity of the game, Xiaomi opened more than 300 servers on the release day, though

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