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IMGA to select best mobile games in China

International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) is now preparing for its debut in China, to find some best games in one of the largest mobile games markets in the world, and China will be the first station for IMGA’s entering Asia.

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Investor: revenue overstating and list-brushing rampant among Chinese mobile game companies

According to a recent article from Tencent Tech Channel, mobile game companies in China usually share two common features: boasting and list-brushing. “As for financing, when a mobile game company gets 10 million to 50 million RMB in the first

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Report: online time of mobile games dropping sharply in China

Chinese mobile data service company Talkingdata recently unveiled that average online time of using mobile apps in China is dropping constantly, and mobile games are seeing the sharpest decline in duration.

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Gameloft to close its Chengdu office

According to multiple Chinese sources, Gameloft plans to close its office in Chengdu, after its Shenzhen office, and only Beijing office will be left.

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Chinese netizens react warmly to rumors on back of Google Play

Rumors about Google Play’s coming back to China are spreading on all major Chinese news websites. There have been such rumors every several months, but this time, it seems more authentic, and netizens react more warmly than ever.

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Tencent blamed by Mixi for awkward operation of “Monster Strike”

Tencent had just announced termination of “Monster Strike” in China, and an insider from Mixi shared their reflections of the game’s failure in China recently.

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