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Refrigerant recycling/recovery faces crisis in China

Refrigerant emissions could cause irreparable damage to the environment, but according to Chinese media account “Refrigeration Business News”, statistics by July, 2019 show that the annual recovery volume of refrigerants in China was small and there were few qualified Chinese

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Tips on choosing a good power adapter manufacturer in China

For many buyers importing power adapters from China, the most important thing to consider would be the price. At present, the homogeneity of power adapters made in China is very serious, while prices of power adapters with the same/similar parameters

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“Shared employees” boom: Chinese internet companies face 100,000+ employment gap

Under the continuous impact of coronavirus, there has been some imbalance in the employment of Chinese enterprises. On the one hand, people overflow from enterprises such as catering and offline entertainment have due to suspension of operation; on the other

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