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China’s Masterbatch Industry and Market Analysis Report 2020

Masterbatch is a polymer compound coloring material made of resin as a carrier, added with a high proportion of pigments, dispersants and functional additives, through high-speed mixing, melting and mixing extrusion, cooling and cutting granules. With the advantages of good

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China’s Broiler Market Outlook and Forecast Report 2021-24

Broiler refers to the breeding chickens used for meat production, is the most common poultry raised by humans. According to the classification of species, China’s broilers (poultries) can be divided into white feather chickens, yellow feather chickens, culled egg chickens

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Defending Chinese Super League champion Jiangsu Suning may be disbanded

A number of influential Chinese sports microbloggers indicated on February 26 Beijing time that some Chinese Super League football team is about to officially announce the dissolution.

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China’s Medical AI Industry Outlook and Forecast Report 2021

Diversification of medical artificial intelligence products, strong downstream demand The upstream of the medical AI industry in China is mainly the industry that provides basic technical support for the industry, such as medical data mining, algorithms, etc. Typical companies include

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China’s Soft Drinks Market and Industry Outlook and Forecast Report 2021

China’s soft drinks industry has been developing at a relatively fast pace since the 1980s, with the reform and opening-up process accelerating, the wave of carbonated beverages in China was started by Coca-Cola and Pepsi from abroad, and Tianfu Cola

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China’s Mini LED market forecast report 2021

In 2020, China’s Mini LED upstream supporting and downstream applications will show a dual phenomenon. Upstream manufacturers have increased their investment, and downstream manufacturers have been in a hurry, causing Mini LED backlight applications to fail to truly open the

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China market becomes a “lifeline” for international luxury brands as they further increase their presence

Italian luxury down jacket brand Moncler’s recently released earnings data shows that the strong performance of the Chinese market has become the key to the resumption of growth in the fourth quarter, with sales in mainland China growing at a

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China’s HR SaaS market grows by 40% with fierce competition

With the advent of digitalization, a large number of Chinese enterprises start the digital management of human resources, which means that more and more enterprises have the ability to buy digital services or products. The Chinese HR SaaS market is

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China’s low-code and no-code development market report 2021

More and more Chinese enterprises are choosing to build applications with the help of low-code/no-code development platforms. Therefore, low-code/no-code development platforms have received special attention and quickly stepped into the foreground in China.

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China’s medical aesthetic device market has a gap 10 times larger than hyaluronic acid

In China, a spring of beauty economy is coming. On the capital side, several hyaluronic acid concept stocks hit new highs; In the consumer market, “retaliatory” consumption has boosted the business of cosmetic surgery hospitals, with some Chinese medical and

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