Linekong’s CEO: losers and post-95s are both important for mobile games

Linekong’s CEO Wang Feng has a famous saying about Chinese mobile games market: “You win the world when you win hearts of losers.” Here the “losers” mainly refer to the so-called “three lows” groups: people with low age, low degree and low income.

Linekong is one of the most profitable mobile game companies in today’s China, at a conference held on Nov. 1st, its CEO Wang Feng said he has to change himself to communicate with the post-95s (people born after 1995), like telling some jokes to become a “cute uncle” so that post-95s would like to chat with him. He also hires a lot of post-95s to know more about the group.

“You have to think about post-95s when you develop a mobile game,” said Wang Feng.”People aged from 18 to 24 account for 65% of players.”

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