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Blockchain accelerates digital transformation of commercial banks in China

Although the application of blockchain in Chinese financial industry has taken many detours, its low-cost and high-efficiency of distributed bookkeeping indicates that, as long as it is used in compliance and reasonable, it will be a weapon for digital transformation

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World’s first hydrogen-powered tram goes into operation in China

A hydrogen-powered tram developed by China’s CRRC Sifang was launched recently in Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Industry experts believe that this move marks that the world’s first hydrogen energy tram has been officially put into commercial operation, and

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PepsiCo falls behind in competition with Coca-Cola in China

Pepsi’s Chinese advertisement for the Spring Festival, “Bring Music Home to Live a ‘Lovely’ Family Year”, occupies screens on major platforms. However, some dealers told a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily that Pepsi has reduced its investment in channels such

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China contributes nearly half of Japan’s frozen vegetable imports

Soaring prices of fresh vegetables are pushing Japanese retail stores to expand the range of frozen products. In 2018, Japan’s frozen vegetable imports have reached a record high for two consecutive years.

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Blackrock and Man Group performed poor compared to Chinese assets in 2019: report

According to a recent report on China Securities Journal in 2020, overseas asset management giants including Blackrock and Man Group didn’t perform as good as China’s public equities or private equities for its local funds. At present, the top global

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Chinese official: Fuel cell vehicles are suitable for commercial vehicles at present

On January 13, 2020, in response to the “Support for the Development of Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry” proposed in this year’s “Government Work Report” in Beijing, Gao Yunhu, a representative of Beijing Municipal People ’s Congress and director of the

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